Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Unhappening of Genesis Lee

"Her memories never fade. They are never forgotten. But they can be stolen."

Who are you without your memories? Are you the same person or do you become someone else?

Genesis Lee is one of the Mementi, a human with the capability of storing memories in perfect detail through Links. To Genesis and the other Mementi, their Links define who they are. Without the Links, without their memories, they only live a half a life. Genesis feels safe and secure in her Mementi community, but is she? When she runs into a Populace boy who seems to know her even though they've never met before, Genesis is tossed into a nightmare of stolen memories and civil unrest that threatens to destroy her family and all of Havendale. Can she trust a boy she's never met over the family she's lived with all her life? Grace and Kalan must work quickly to find the thief before every connection she has to her friends, her family, and her community is broken.

Highly recommended if you love mystery, action, science fiction, and coming of age stories.

Check it out @Your Lovejoy Library through OverDrive.

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